The Burton Joyce    Village Plan
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Traffic & Transport
Aims Greater safety for pedestrians Reduction in traffic volume, speed and noise Reduction of traffic congestion in village centre, giving more priority to pedestrians Improving level & sustainability of public transport.
“The village is ruled by the car” “You take your life into your hands when you try to cross the road near the paper shop”
Action needed · Provide a pedestrian crossing at the junction of Station Road and the A612 · Provide a pedestrian crossing in the village centre, with easy access for wheelchairs and mobility scooters · Review traffic management and parking restrictions in the village centre · Request a traffic survey and a review of traffic management on the A612 · Enforce measures to prevent parking on pavements · Make representation to the train company to provide a better service · Explore potential for joint action with other villages on the route of bus 100, for a substantial and affordable bus service
The one positive aspect of this area was general satisfaction with  the more regular, reliable and comfortable bus service, although  fare prices were an issue, especially for short journeys.  However very serious worries about the increasing dangers from  traffic dominated residents’ responses throughout the survey,  namely: traffic volume, speed (92.4%) and noise (65.2%),  especially from HGV’s; the dangers of crossing the A612,  particularly near Station Road and in the village centre (77.6%);  parking on pavements (89%) and obstruction from overhanging  vegetation; parking congestion near the schoop and in the  village centre; problems with the poor level of both road and  pavement maintenance. Many concerns were also expressed  about the infrequency of trains stopping at Burton Joyce.