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Traffic & Transport Update
AIM To ensure that pedestrians feel safer in Burton Joyce. To explore ways to reduce speeding through the centre of the village. Explore ways to reduce speeding on the portion of the A612 that goes through the village. Improve the condition of pavements in the village. To reduce parking near school To ensure that residents have appropriate access to pavements by encouraging trimming of hedges and discouraging parking on pavements To reduce traffic congestion and improve parking in centre of village To reduce noise pollution from HGVs.
ACHIEVEMENT Nov 2013 All being addressed as part of the Village Centre Improvement Scheme. The Parish Council has commissioned Speed Surveys through the Village Centre along Main Street and no evidence of speeding found. Police are also conducting random speed checks along Nottingham/Church Road. Work continues with NCC to inspect/act upon problem areas. Parish Council  and PC Simon Wells have been in liaison with school. Corner parking has improved. The Parish Council reports all reported incidents of overhanging hedges to the Highways Inspector at Notts CC for action. An annual reminder to householders about keeping hedges trimmed is published in the Parish Magazine. A £20k LIS Fund has been granted to address parking issues near Roberts Rec. Ground/Winifred Crescent. Proposal available October 2013. N.B. This funding was withdrawn in January.2014 Highways agency have produced data re number of lorries, which have reduced over time The Parish Council lobbied the rail company and the local MP for an improvement of  the train services. There has been limited success, with one additional train