The Burton Joyce    Village Plan
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The rural environment was the most appreciated feature of the  village, but was also the cause of the greatest concern- the risk of  flooding- from the Trent, from culverts and streams and the  inadequacy of flood prevention measures (93.5%).  The Green Belt is highly valued, but many residents are worried by  the threat of future inappropriate development on the fringes of the  village.  Walking is one of the most popular activities (60%), although many  felt there was insufficient maintenance of footpaths.  There were numerous complaints about unpleasant smells from  nearby factories.
Action needed · Monitor progress on the flood prevention measures begun in  March · Establish the need for and adequacy of additional flood protection  measures including distribution of sandbags  · Ensure regular clearance and maintenance of watercourses and  culverts  · Distribute annual reminders to residents of their responsibilities  to  avoid obstructions to watercourses  · Keep a vigilant eye on all Planning Applications that affect the  Green Belt, particularly in the light of new government  development policies  · Request a Housing Needs analysis for the village  · Improve community awareness of any proposed revisions to the  Gedling Local Plan and encourage active participation by  residents · Establish responsibilities for permissory ways and carry out  annual inspections of the village footpaths to prioritise areas for  improvement    · Publicise methods of reporting poor air quality and pressurise the  relevant authorities to eliminate smells 
Aims Minimise the risk and consequences of flooding Protect the Green Belt Avoid inappropriate development within the village Improved accessibility of the village footpaths Improve the air quality